SUP Beach Cup Fehmarn 2014

06.05.2014 12:25

Successful on Naish Javelin LE…

…at the first event of this year´s German SUP Challenge on the island of Fehmarn I earned the overall title in winning both, the women´s beach and distance race competition with a very comfortable lead to the runner up. So I can say, that I´m feeling very happy on my new equipment and confident for the oncoming race season. Even though the weather conditions weren´t to cosy (chilly winds and air/water temperatures around 10 deg.Cels.) it felt good to be racing again, after a long winter with just training. The water was flat, no waves or chops at all, so it all came down to just pure power paddling and quickly jumping off and on the board, because of very shallow areas on the race course due to the strong offshore wind.The beach race course consisted of four buoys, six legs and running to the beach finish.The distance race course had an up/downwind section and two long crosswinds with more or less one side paddling. As I´m used to waves and swell on Gran Canaria, I think I´m well prepared for all types of racing conditions.
Wildcards for the "Camp David SUP Worldcup" on Fehmarn in July