German SUP Challenge Fehmarn 2015

06.05.2015 21:42

Starting with an overall WIN…

After making it comfortably into the women´s sprint final on Saturday there I had a "messed up" beach start coming only in 5th position to the first mark I really had to pay for by being blocked three times on the course until I really could begin the race at my own pace… 
…to overtake the preceding competitors. Unfortunately the race course was just a little bit too short for a complete wrap-up so I finished runner-up.
Of course this can happen and I learned my lesson for next time ;-)
On Sunday´s Long Distance race day I was really motivated - even more because we had a nice seabreeze with choppy conditions instead of the days before flatwater paddling. After beachstarting all together (men and women) I could even keep up with the leading group of the male fleet, enjoying the diverse course of up-and-downwinds and two long legs to the finish.
This time I had my own race with no female competitor anywhere near me and after a good match-up with some of the guys I finished 7.5 min ahead of the next girl with an overall time of 42min 23sec (about 3min after the first man). 
Stoked about my first overall win of the season!